Thursday, August 6, 2009

Awek Melayu Boleh

The best part about starting an awek melayu boleh blog is the seer pleasure of being able to look at pretty girls while contributing to a blog. Isn't that a dream job of every blogger. You might deny the fact that you that this blog is a "moo point", but deep down inside you know you want it.

So why did i chose this title for the blog? Well, isn't it obvious? The key phrase is search widely by internet users out there especially from Malaysia and Indonesia. By zeroing on a specific region, this blog might be able to generate the necessary traffic from these countries.

This blog is also meant as a way for me to learn about SEO techniques available on the internet. I am sure that you heard of SEO right. It is a crazy three letter word that is currently being thrown around the internet. I think every blogger, new or old has at least heard of that word at least once.

So far everyone has only concentrated SEO text and content on a blog. However very few has actually optimized the content for pictures. There are tons of articles out there provide great details on tips and techniques on SEO optimization. For example if my niche keyword is awek melayu bolehAwek Melayu Boleh
I need to ensure that the backlinks I have created uses that phrase. That way when Google indexes my page, it knows that my blog is something related to that keyword. What about pictures? Yes there is also optimization for pictures as well. Always remember to fill in the alt tags when inserting pictures in your blog.

Why are all these techniques important you might ask? Well for one, every blog owners want to rank well on SERPS. Let’s put it this way, which blog do you think will get the most traffic, the blog that appears number 1 on google search result or the blog that appears on the 3 page? Then answer obviously will be the blog that appeared on the first page. When your blog does well on the search result page, you are guaranteed with decent traffic from organic searches. Can you imagine the number of people that will be visiting your blog.

What’s the best part about getting traffic? Well, to put it plainly traffic equals money. Yes you read it right, traffic is money. The more people that visits your blog, the greater the chances for you to transform the traffic into money. Let’s say if your blog was selling ebooks related to affiliate marketing. The more people that visit your blog, eventually someone will buy something. Imagine if you were getting 20 dollars commission from a book, just imagine how much you would earn if you sold 200 books?

That’s were traffic plays an important role. I am keeping a close eye on how this blog ranks well on the term awek melayu boleh. For now this blog will consist of more articles instead of pictures. But who knows what the future might hold, stay tuned.


mohd hanafi said...

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